Equipment List

Mains Speaker:
Nexo, GeoD10, Quest, QM JBL, SRX Semi Line.
Subwoofer Speakers:
Nexo,CD18 Quest, HPI Series Quest, QM Series
Monitor Speakers:
Nexo, PS15R2 Quest QM Series Yamaha
Mixing Consoles:
Allen&Heath, iLive 144 Allen&Heath, GL4800 Allen&Heath QU 32 Allen&Heath, MixWizard3 16:2 Soundcraft, Lx7ii
Power Amps:
NXAmp4x4 Camco, V6 Yamaha, P series QSC, RMX Series Quest, QA Series
Light Consoles:
Avolites Raytech, Controller and dimmer packs
Light Fixtures:
iSolution Moving Heads Satan Scanner and Moving Heads Par64 and different laser and lights for clubs and parties.
dBx: compressors,Gates,Limiters TC Electronics: Compressor,Gates, Limiters BSS & dBx Equalizers Yamaha SPX2000 TC Electronics D Two Lexicon Effects