Services : What we can do for you

Events: We will provide full service design, installation and operation of audio, lighting and video for your event.

We can provide all the necessary equipment’s for the show and make it a success.

Weddings: Our team will deliver, set-up and remove all equipment.

Wedding is the most important day of everyone's life’s so to make it a success it is important that you choose the right Sound, Delta Sound is here just for that and to make it a success.

Movie Projection:

Delta Sound can provide screens, projectors and sound for your movie event, whether it’s a premier or a back yard gathering.

Conferences and Press Conferences: We will provide microphones, audio, press splitters, and even record the event if you need

. We are using the state-of-the-art equipment’s so that your voice will be heard to all the members present

Board Meetings:

We can set up to record your board meeting and deliver the results on CD for your records.

Sound Installation: We will plan for you, quote what you need and even train you.

We have done successful numbers of churches, halls, auditoriums, conference systems etc. installations and we can say that we are the best in what we do in the whole of North-East of India.

Sound Tuning and Treatment:

When you install new system in Churches, halls and auditorium you get the problems of Phase cancellation, delays that you can’t even hear what you said, Delta Sound is there for you to do a perfect tuning and sound treatment and let it define CLARITY for you.

Technical Back-Up: When you buy technical equipment’s such as sound systems you need assurance that even when you face problems you would get a technical backup  with a trained personel who would solve every problem you face.

There are some companies who would just sell you the product and forget it...But Delta Sound is the opposite of that!!! We provide every technical backup and ensures that you get what you paid for. We ensure that our customers are satisfied in what they get for what they paid for.